Wednesday, October 25

A Walk in the Park

"Alright. Act natural. Smile...Nobody notices anything. You're home free." Sam was running through a dialog in his head. Earlier he had used a camera he found in the park to swap traits between himself and others. Eventually, the people started noticing. Especially the mother who's femininity he swapped his masculinity for. He only had to walk a few more feet to reach the sidewalk and be gone from the area leaving all of his pursuers to wonder what actually happened to them. 

Tuesday, June 13

FOSE Wardrobe Malfunction

"Thank you for tuning into our stream! Let's get started tonight with a few comments"

As the girl in the red in front blabbered on I was just very confused, "I was at home jerking off to this chick on the stream and now I'm here in the room with her? Why do I feel so weird? What is this?" I pulled off the bra I was wearing and realized what I had done.

Little did I know that this was because of a phenomenon that would be known as the Fantasy Orgasm Swapping Event.

Wednesday, June 7

Restore Balance

"I have awakened once again and I can can sense an immense evil unbalance in the energies. It seems the order hasn't been here for years! I guess this one was just fortunate enough to step into the summoning circle."

The girl looked down and felt her body

"This body is suitable. I suppose."

She picked up the sacred blade and left the cave into the snowy wilderness on her quest to return the balance of good and evil to the land.

Tuesday, June 6

Such A Prude

"Finally! Some time to myself! Ugh! This bitch was such a prude. Let's see what I'm working with here. Oh, yeah! These'll do just fine." Devin said as he took off Maddie's clothes and felt himself up.

Devin was a star athlete in his school and thought he could be with any girl he wanted, Unfortunately he wanted Maddie. She was a lesbian.

Undeterred, he kept trying to be with her until she finally told him that she didn't want to talk to him ever again. Devon was obsessed though. He tracked down an old shop that claimed to make dreams come true.

Devon explained the situation to the shopkeeper and a sly smile came across her wrinkled face, "Ahh, young misplaced love. This situation would be easier if you were older and didn't have a family that knew you so well. But, I am nothing if not a problem solver!" She grabbed a flower from the shelf behind her and asked for payment.

Devon gladly paid the price had it explained to him that if he ate a petal from this flower while thinking about Maddie he would be able to be with her.

Devon left the shop and immediately ate the flower. He felt tingly and eventually blacked out.

When he came to, he was in the school library and very confused. He had swapped into Maddie during book club and had caused a bit of a scene storming out of the reading circle holding his chest.

Maddie's family was very close and Devon had to sit through dinner and a bit of family time before finally being able to lock himself in Maddie's room and check out the goods.

Devon never complained that he was misled by the shopkeep. He did stop by to thank her.

Saturday, April 8

Taking a Break

Hello readers,

I have some bad news. I'm in the process of moving and so I haven't found time to write a lot in the last week. Rest assured that I will be back. I'll just be gone while I get set up somewhere new. Thank you for all the support. I never thought that this journey into captioning would bring such enjoyment and enrichment to me.

Stay safe out there,

Dominant One

"Are these better?" Danny texted a picture to his girlfriend.

"Those are great! Super cute! Now put it all together and send me another pic!" Danny's girlfriend responded. It made him cringe to know that his body was sending all these girly emojis and texts.

Swap therapy was never really needed between them. They were doing it before getting married because it came with the incentive of lower the cost of acquiring a marriage license. Danny thought his girlfriend was taking it way too seriously. She was making him do everything she can conceive a girl would ever have to do.

She wasn't doing it to teach him any kind of lesson or anything though. Being in a male body really brought out her dominant side. This therapy session was a great introspective journey for her and she realized she may like women more than men. Hopefully the money they save on the marriage license can be toward some sex change nanites.

Friday, April 7


Charlie didn't know what happened. He was getting hit on by this super hot chick at the bar on Easter and when they left, he was expecting to go to her house for some rabbit-style lovemaking. He doesn't remember much after getting into her van but he woke up in a costume and with a new ability: when he gets turned on, he transforms into the what he's thinking about. He hasn't got it completely under control yet but he's just enjoying the forms as they come now.

He didn't know that this was the work of an ancient and powerful witch Elizabeth Bunny. She lure drunk men into her van and get them tattooed with a special enchantment where they couldn't see it. Whenever she would activate the runes, the men would take one of the forms she programmed into them and then she would command an army of sexy bunnies to go spread joy around for the spring. After all Spring is time for biological growth and multiplication. The bunny costumes were a new tool in her repertoire, she found them to be particularly useful in the modern times.